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Rolin Pettway, Jr.

Born in Detroit, MI (USA) in 1983, Rolin Pettway, Jr. is an artist, engineer, music producer, fashion designer, photographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. After studying mathematics at Bethune-Cookman College, he earned both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and later a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University – Kelley School of Business. Since Rolin’s first time making his art publicly available as an engineering graduate student (via music and sound design), his media has expanded across both visual and auditory languages. Referencing the underlying relation of all things, Rolin’s work is an incorporation of color, numbers, sound, and symbolism through the lens of his unique awareness and life experiences. An underlying theme of his work is the use of subjective and objective contradiction to present abstract visual forms that exude a certain precise imperfection. Through his work, Rolin’s hope and intent is that the viewer will be inspired to understand more about academia, business, creativity and spirituality – but also themselves and humanity as a whole.

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