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More art, more money: Pettway sells “third e¥e joe ART$CHOOL™” for $900

Just over a week after his first public sale, the visual artist, Rolin Pettway, Jr. closed another deal with a private buyer on Tuesday.

The cryptically titled piece “third e¥e joe ART$CHOOL™” is more than what it may appear at face value. Pettway jovially explains the title of the piece, “The third eye is a symbol of elevated consciousness and overall spiritual awareness, while ‘joe ART$CHOOL™’ is more of tongue-in-cheek created persona.” He continues, “Growing up, I never really considered myself to be Joe Art School,” a term Pettway coined for a person who studied art formally in an academic setting, "but now having developed into a professional artist, I can clearly identify."

Pettway focused on technical disciplines and sports growing up, and as a young adult earned a BS and MS in electrical engineering (Purdue University), and later an MBA (Indiana University, Kelley School of Business).

"It's a blessing to have found a creative voice in visual art while on my entrepreneurial journey,” he explains. “Art, for me, is a unique expression of my combined life experiences.”

An image of the 24 x 30" work is shown below:

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